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Before Buying Fabrics

When comparing fabrics from different suppliers:-

  • Check the width – much cheaper fabrics are often much narrower.

  • Check the quality by obtaining a sample – cheaper fabrics are often of inferior quality. Will the supplier provide a free sample? - we will.

  • Don't trust colours or description of colours – see a sample. Colours on computer screens are notoriously unreliable – the same colour fabric can appear as 3 different colours on 3 different computers!

  • Beware of bogus Recommended Retail Prices or 'RRP's – they are often just invented by internet suppliers to make their own products look cheaper. They are misleading and in contravention of consumer protection legislation.

  • Are there any cutting charges? some suppliers make a charge for cutting eg: less than 10m. We don't add any cutting charge to our advertised prices.

  • Do you trust the supplier? Can you visit them to see the fabrics, collect an order, or return unsatisfactory goods? Do they even provide a telephone number?

  • VAT: do prices include VAT or will it be added on when you order? - all the prices we give you (unless you're a trade customer) include VAT.

  • Silk Dupion – is it the hand-loom or power-woven type?

  • 'Raw Silk' – do they mean dupion, shantung, or tussah?
    These are all different – does the supplier know the difference?

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