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Other Information and Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount I can order?
UK Customers: Most fabrics and wide laces have a minimum of just one metre. Narrow laces and trimmings, and other small items may have greater minimums. There is no minimum order value for UK customers.
Non-UK Customers: The minimum total value for orders with lace only (no fabrics) is £50 (GBP). The minimum total value for orders which include fabric is £100. The minimum amount of any one item is the same as for UK customers (see above).

Can I obtain samples?
Yes, for most fabrics and laces we can supply a small number of free samples on request. We can also supply larger samples or hangers for many items, to borrow or buy. A deposit may be required for hangers supplied on loan. Order samples on the Enquiry Forms via Contact Us.

How can I order?
You can order via the Order button at the top of most pages, by telephone, email, or post.
First make your enquiry via our Contact Us forms. We can then supply samples with prices. Once you know the amounts you would like to order we can give you a total price, including delivery charge. To order by post we can supply an order form.

Piece Lengths
Some products, especially laces and embroideries, are made in set lengths, so that larger amounts can only be supplied in multiple pieces. Piece lengths often vary from batch to batch, so where we quote a piece length eg: '14m' this is only an estimate. If it is essential for an item to be in one piece, please check with us before ordering, and make clear on your order.

How can I pay for my order?
We accept payment by most major cards, bank transfer, or PayPal. Please note that orders paid by card must normally be delivered to the cardholders address. If this is a problem, please contact our sales office to discuss the requirements for delivery to other addresses. Please do not send card details by email.

Do you have a shop?
We don't have a shop as such, but we do have a showroom at our factory.
Please note that you must make an appointment before visiting the showroom.

Price Stability
Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice. Please check when ordering.

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