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Product Safety

It is your responsibility to ensure that the materials you use are suitable for your intended application. Where appropriate, you must comply with local regulations, eg: for testing, labelling, etc.

Flammability of Fabrics, Laces, and other Textile Products

This is one of the most important aspects of safety, especially in relation to products for children and the elderly.

Unless stated otherwise, you should assume that all materials are flammable. The degree of flammability of textile products depends largely on the material(s) eg: fibres, that it is made from. Generally, silk and wool are some of the safer fibres. The least safe include viscose/rayon, acetate, acrylic and cotton.

Very useful advice may be found on the web.
As a starting point we suggest searching for:-
"Fabric Flammability"
"Burning Characteristics of Fibers"

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