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Plain Nets and Tulles

Veiling, skirts, petticoats,
for wedding dress, bridesmaids, special occasion and prom dresses,
general dressmaking and crafts.

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Delicate Nylon Veiling/Overskirting
Good low-stretch quality

Plain: 4901


Shade Card available.

Width: 300cm

Sparkling: 4902 /White /Pale Ivory /Medium Ivory /Deep Ivory

Width: 300cm
Stronger Quality Nylon Tulle
Ideal for overskirting and veiling



Shade Card available.

Width: 300cm
Soft Tulle
100% polyester

4914, 4913


Width: 150cm and 300cm

Metallic Tulle
100% nylon


Width: 140cm
Sparkling Tulle
100% nylon



Shade Card available.

Width: 150cm
Glittery Tulle
100% nylon



Width: 150cm
Finest Quality Cotton Veiling
Much heavier than nylon veiling

4910 /White /Ivory (Pale) /Black

Widths: 178-300cm
Pure Silk
Finest and lightest non-stretch quality. True silk bobbinet

4919 standard finish, 300-350cm
/White /Pale Ivory /Medium Ivory /Black

4920 crisper finish, width: 350cm
Medium Ivory
Soft Silk Tulle
Soft and drapey silk tulle in a wider colour range.



Width: 170cm
Point d'Esprit
100% cotton tulle

4912 /White /Ivory /Black

Width: 130cm
Petticoat Dress Nets
Much heavier and stiffer than the veilling and over-skirting tulles

4924 Stiffness rating: 10
52 colours. Shade Card available.
Width: 125-150cm (49-59")

4917 Stiffness rating: 35
26 colours. Shade Card available.
Width: 295-300cm (116-118")

4925 Stiffness rating: 45
7 colours. Shade Card available.
Width: 140-150cm (55-60")

4926 Stiffness rating: 80
White, Pale Ivory, Medium Ivory, Deep Ivory, Black.
Width: 140-150cm (55-60")

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